Eden Diodati: prêt-á-porter jewellery meeting progressive philanthropy as design led, sustainable luxury for the modern woman of discernment.

Eden Diodati works with an extraordinary cooperative of women who survived the genocide in Rwanda. Employing centuries old artisanal heritage and craftsmanship, their skill, courage, fortitude and faith inspires Eden Diodati’s creative direction, whilst challenging preconceptions of ‘Made in Africa’. Shifting paradigms in luxury fashion with a collection of high-end jewellery that makes stunningly intricate use of innovative materials and exotic influences.

Wearing an Eden Diodati piece is more than an aesthetic statement. It is a commitment to a fashion ethos embedded in a four-tiered philosophy represented by Eden Diodati’s ‘Talisman’.

The Talisman draws together four brand values that together reflect the optimism of the human condition:

Art & Collaboration: An amalgam of global cultures influences the design.

Manufactured Ethically: Delivering opportunities for marginalised people to recreate their own futures.

Wearable Philanthropy: Eden Diodati’s commitment to donate 10% of dividends to Médecins sans Frontières recognises the need to address human fragility on a global scale.

Beauty through Compassion: A brand offering style conscious women the opportunity to experience true beauty that stirs both the soul and the senses.