Eden Diodati was born out of a fascination and desire to capture the compassion, empathy and strength lying at the heart of the true beauty of a woman. Our circle of ethical production enables the empowerment of women artisans through investment pieces that speak of feminine strength, dignity, and grace. Reflecting how this celebration of artisanal heritage transcends cultures, Eden Diodati produces each piece’s metal components in Italy, then in Rwanda they are beaded by our artisans. Our story represents a collaboration across continents for positive social change. Each collection draws inspiration from an artistic heritage that has bound global cultures together for centuries, as well as from the eclectic beauty found in nature. The jewellery draws on gracefully futuristic and primal elements, making Eden Diodati a brand for the modern woman who carries with her a compelling awareness of her own soul and individuality. Named in part after the utopic garden and Giovanni Diodati (6 June 1576 – 3 October 1649) the pioneering Swiss born Italian theologian and translator, each piece, made with pride and love, goes beyond a purely aesthetic statement to inspire on an emotional level.